The Lake Garda Hotels Guide, offer Trekking possibilities and visits, in the Island of Garda. Muche information and Service directly in our Website. The Island is situated on the Brescian side of Lake Garda, a short distance from San Felice del Benaco and it has been the expression of mysticism for centuries (St.Francis of Assisi founded a small community). Today it owes its fascination to the extraordinary Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli at the beginning of the 20th century; an imposing harmonious building, rich in surprising architectonic details. It boasts a beautiful 18th century painting by Carlo Carloni. Below, the terraces and Italian gardens slope down to the lake. All around the vegetation is luxuriant and intact, rich in local, exotic plants, rare essences and unique flowers. A harmonious wood of pines and cypresses, acacias and lemon trees, magnolias and agaves. The Island of Garda is magic and mystery. The birdsong seems to be the joyous voice of the soul of those who, over the centuries, have respected, looked after and loved it.

Mantua has a significant art heritage that includes, among others, the works of Pisanello (1400’s), frescos of Giulio Romano, a Rubens altarpiece, and, in the nearby castle of San Giorgio, the famous Room of the Spouses, frescoed by Mantegna between 1465 and 1474. A little museum was established in the Palazzo del Podestà dedicated to the great race car driver Tazio Nuvolari, born in Mantuano. In the field of figurative arts, research was kept open by the polemic of the “Corrente,” a group created by the Milanese painter Ernesto Treccani, who in Milan represented the most knowledgeable voice of intellectual opposition to the fascist culture.


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A special excursion to see and appreciate the city and its rhythms. Guide during travel, transport to S. Marco. After the visit to the city, return by private boat. Optional: possibility to take a romantic tour by gondola, or to admire the lake with its many islands aboard a boat. Opportunity to reserve a guided dinner in a Venetian restaurant.




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